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The following resources have been assembled to provide you with more chiropractic, nutrition, exercise, fitness and wellness care information available on the internet.  Our favorites are just a few of the ones we use for our family on a regular basis.

Harmon Family Chiropractic Favorites:  Free magazine with great health tips and information! ,  National Organic and Natural Foods Grocery store  Natures Path Organic and Natural Foods for kids ,  Free Cooking and Products  Gluten Free and Whole Grain Products  Quinoa?  A grain you have never heard of that has better taste and is healthier than wheat!  Natural Foods and Snacks  High performance blender and raw/whole food processor  Powercentering - Core and Body Training with Dr. Pete Gratale D.C.  Eat Like a Caveman...Check it out!   Find out why grass fed beef may be the right choice for you!  Find local producers of natural, grass fed and organic meats and proteins  Home to many great exercise and fitness videos, by Tony Horton of P90X  Local yoga studio in Jasper, Indiana


Wellness Coaching

Wellness for Kids  Body and Mind by the CDC  (inactive)  International Chiropractic Pediatric Association Research Foundation  Homework help and how the body works.  Explore the world of nutrition with games and activites

Exercise, Nutrition, and Cooking  Eating and workout program to change our life, by Bill Phillips        Forging Elite Fitness  Healthy eating and vegetarian cooking  Personalized training and nutrition  Diet and weight loss programs  New and remanufactured fitness equipment Resources to make food and life choice International Food Information Council Foundation  Healthy living program  National Association of Nutritional Professionals  Evidence based breastfeeding and parenting                                 Eat and exercise the way God intended, by Dr. Ben Lerner  Books on natural health and nutrition  Traditions in food farming and healing arts  The world's healthiest foods  New approach to healing                                                            A great general resouce for information regarding health and wellness

Fitness Centers

Thought and Meditation

Life Coach








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