Our Mission

Harmon Family Chiropractic is committed to promoting and developing your overall picture of health.  We are working toward a vision of health and vitality based on the Chiropractic lifestyle including, but not limited to:  a healthy nervous system, spinal and postural health, positive mental attitude, proper diet, regular exercise emotional wellness, and rest an relaxation.


We acknowledge the power of the nervous system as the master system of the body, and the effect of the vertebral subluxation on human health and spirit.  Our goal is to detect and correct vertebral subluxation allowing the nervous system and body to function at its optimum level.  Our passion is to educate and adjust as many families as possible.  This will enable all of us to raise our awareness, understanding and level of commitment to our own health understanding that health is a process not an event.


We will always provide impeccable services and products allowing our patients to turn a vision of health into reality.  We dedicate our lives to the principles of chiropractic and our patients.  We hope and encourage all patients, friends and families to join us in this noble and important mission of health.


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